How To Wear The Work Boots With Jeans?

This post is intended to give tips for people who have a hard time choosing work boot styles with jeans.

Tips To Wear Work Boots With Jeans

Avoid having work boots and jeans together.

This is something I had to learn the hard way. When I was in college, I would often wear boots and then I’d be wearing skinny jeans.

Not only would I look awkward, but it looked like I had just stepped out of an office building. If you wear your boots and jeans together, make sure you match the height of the boots to the length of your jeans.

Go for darker-colored work boots.

The lighter your work boots are, the easier they will be to wear with your jeans. But if you’re going for something a little more stylish, a black or dark brown pair of work boots will work better.

Add ankle support to the boots.

It’s good to avoid having your work boots too high. In addition, try to make sure they have ankle support.

Go for darker colors with jeans.

Again, there’s a trick to this one, so take note! Find a pattern with a similar color to your jeans. This is a great way to tie your boots and your jeans together.

  • Pair your work boots with a casual button-down shirt. It’s a nice way to add some style to a more rugged pair of boots.
  • Make sure your socks match the boots.
  • Don’t wear sneakers to work. Make sure that the color and material of your socks match the color of your boots.
  • Try to get some air in between your jeans and your boots.
  • It’s important to avoid having them bunch up since this will show through your jeans.
  • Don’t choose jeans that are too tight.
  • This can actually make your boot look bigger than it actually is.
  • Don’t overdo the boots. If you have a boot that is too heavy, then it will pull on your jeans and will make them look sloppy.
  • If your work boots are comfortable enough, then you probably don’t need to worry about them at all.
  • Always wear a belt around your jeans. A simple and classic black leather belt works best, but you can wear a colored belt, too.
  • Lastly, if you’re really worried about how a work boot will fit with your jeans, go to a store and try it on.

What Kind Of Jeans Go With Work Boots?

Well, if you’re wearing work boots you’ll want to stick with blue denim jeans. They complement work boots well, they look great and you can wear them with practically anything. So, here are our top 5 picks for blue jeans you can wear with work boots.

Denim overalls

A pair of jeans with a button and button fly really show off a man’s personality. They’re comfortable and look amazing with a simple t-shirt.

So, these jeans are definitely perfect for a casual look. But, if you want something a little more professional, a pair of denim overalls works like a charm. You just need to choose the right color – blue or black is good but green, orange, and pink aren’t necessarily bad.

Blue button-up

These work boots are all about simplicity. You don’t need anything else to complete the look because these jeans just speak for themselves.

This pair of jeans goes with every shirt you can imagine and, best of all, they look great with almost any pair of pants you own. They’ll compliment your work boot outfit like nobody’s business.

Workaday jeans

These are a staple for many men. They go with almost everything and can be worn from work to play. These jeans can go formal with a nice polo or dress them down with a sweatshirt.

The thing you’ll notice about these jeans is how well they go with a lot of different tops and jackets. They can be styled in a million ways.

Blue button-down

When it comes to jeans, there’s nothing more basic than a classic blue button-down. Whether it’s worn alone or with a plain tee, it’s a timeless piece that will never go out of style.

Now you can be dressed from head to toe in jeans without having to look like an office drone. But, if you want to stand out a bit, throw on a solid-colored belt and maybe even some cufflinks.

Workwear jeans

These aren’t necessarily the jeans you’d wear to work every day. They might be work attire or they could be a weekend look. It’s really up to you.

It’s important to remember that these jeans aren’t for the faint of heart. If you like to have fun, you probably shouldn’t buy these jeans. If you want a good fit, expect to pay a premium.


Nowadays, lots of people wear work boots with jeans. The thing is, it doesn’t always look right, especially if you’re trying to be cool. If you’re looking for the answer to other how-to questions, please visit our work boots category for more how-to-related content.

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Do you wear jeans over work boots?

If you’re working outdoors, or in a dusty environment, wearing jeans over work boots is advisable. Work boots are designed to withstand such conditions, white jeans can get dirty and stained quickly.

Can you wear work boots with skinny jeans?

No, you can’t wear work boots with skinny jeans. Though this looks cool and trendy, you may end up hurting yourself. Work boots can be hard, thick, and heavy. While they protect your feet from injuries, they can be cumbersome and uncomfortable to wear. Skinnier, lighter, and more flexible boots are ideal for comfort and safety.

When should you tuck jeans into boots?

You should tuck your jeans into boots when going outdoors. But, if you’re wearing jeans inside your house, then you should leave them untucked.

Do black boots go with blue jeans?

Yes, Black boots go with blue jeans. However, the jeans should be denim or dark wash jeans. White jeans should be avoided.

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