How To Soften New Work Boots?-Top 7 Tricks

New boots are fantastic, right? You’ve worn them for a while now, your feet feel better, and you’re ready to take them out for some walking. But what if those first few steps aren’t what they used to be? Maybe you even get the dreaded “pins and needles” feeling when your foot touches the ground

This is because you’re probably wearing boots that haven’t been broken in yet, and they might be causing some discomfort. That said, you can do some simple things to ease those pains and make your new boots fit.

If you’re about to get a new pair of work boots, you may worry about transitioning between your old boots and your new ones. This is perfectly normal, and the only thing to worry about is how to soften your new work boots to make them easier for you to wear.

Top 7 Tricks To Soften The New Leather Work Boots

Do you want to get rid of those callouses? Or do you want to be comfortable in a pair of heavy-duty boots at work? Here are the top 7 tricks to get softer boots in less time!

Wipe down your new boots

New work boots can seem rough to the touch immediately after purchase. So you might be tempted to just put them away. But the initial roughness of the leather means that they require a little care before wearing them out in the field. Take them off and wipe them down with a soft, damp cloth.

The boots should look shiny and be soft to the touch. This will mean they’re ready to wear out and protect your feet. So don’t be tempted to rush this stage, as it could mean the work boots last much longer than you think.

Let the boots dry

After wiping them down and inspecting them for damage, the next step is to let them dry. This is an essential part of the process. Wet leather can be extremely uncomfortable. And although the boots may be nice and shiny now, they’re not going to stay that way once they start to dry out.

Keep the boots on a clean surface and out of direct sunlight, and allow them to dry overnight. Even if they are already very soft, they might take longer to dry than you expect. In the morning, check the boots over to ensure that they are no longer shiny and that there are no cracks in the leather.

Add a protector

Many leather products will come with a boot polish-type protector that you can add to the leather. This helps prevent stains and protects the leather work boots from water. It also contains marks left on the boot when slipping on or off.

Get your boots wet

Once the leather is dry and protected, the final step is to fill the boots with warm water. Make sure that the boots are entirely submerged. The water will act as a moisturizer and help prevent the leather from drying.

Apply a cream

Getting the cream to stick to the leather can be a struggle if the leather is already very soft. Try using a hair dryer to warm the boots and soften the leather. Once the leather is weak, it will be easier to apply the cream.

Walk around in them

After getting a pair of work boots that feel comfortable walking around, you must ensure they fit correctly. Take the boots out of their packaging and walk around in them for several minutes while holding your weight over your toes.

If you feel pressure on your feet, your boots are too small. If you feel pain in your ankles or your feet begin to ache, it’s likely too big.

Look at the inside of the Boot

Pay close attention to the inner lining of the boot. If it seems too stiff or looks like it is being held together with tape, it’s a sign that the boot won’t provide the proper support for your foot.

Also, pay attention to the bottom of the heel. Is it cut straight across, or are there indentations or divots? These signs indicate the boot may be too high-heeled and therefore not provide the proper support.


I recommend you take some time to read through this post and absorb all of the information about how to soften our new work boots. It is essential to ease your new boots before using them because it makes them more comfortable for you, and they will look like the ones you already have.

We hope these tricks will be helpful for you to soften your new books.

Thanks for reading!


How do you soften rugged work boots?

Work boots can get pretty uncomfortable if you don’t soften them correctly, but there are different ways to do this. One of the most effective methods is to soak them in warm water for 30 minutes. Another method involves using a commercial boot-softening machine, which requires money and space.
You can also try this homemade boot-softening technique. Simply fill a plastic bucket with warm water and a few drops of dishwashing liquid. Soak the boots in this solution for 30 minutes, then rinse with clean water. Repeat this process every week.

How do you soften new boots?

You soften new boots by storing them in the freezer for a few days to stretch out the leather and allow it to become flexible. This will allow the boot to mold around the foot better and give you a better fit.

How do you stop your feet from hurting in work boots?

You can try several methods to keep your feet happy when wearing boots. First, wear socks that fit your feet perfectly. Next, wear a boot with a wide toe box to prevent rubbing and discomfort. Lastly, you can use insoles that are custom-made for your specific boots.

How do you break in stiff leather boots?

You can’t really break in a stiff leather boot. It has been made with a unique process that requires breaking the fibers in the leather. If you try to cut it, it will cause the leather to rip and lose its flexibility. If you want to maintain the original look and feel of your boots, you should visit a boots repair shop to have the stiff leather fixed.

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