How To Keep Feet Dry In Work Boots (10 Easy Steps)

As we know there are a lot of professions in which you have to wear your work boots all day. Sweating on the soles of the feet inside the boots in summer and then the stench caused by this sweat bothers you a lot.

Not only that, but persistent sweating increases the growth of bacteria and fungi in work boots which can cause severe infections in the feet. I have written some easy ways to solve these problems. Other writers have also written about this. But I will tell you a few points by which you can keep your feet dry and avoid the problems mentioned above.

10 Easy Ways To Keep Feet Dry In Work Boots

Select a good pair of boots

To protect your feet from perspiration, it is important that you choose the best work boots that provide a ventilated environment for the feet. Their leather should be as breathable as possible.

So that in hot weather the feet get fresh air and they stay dry. Choose those work boots that are not made of synthetic material but materials that should be naturally based such as leather.

Using the best quality socks

If wearing good and breathable work boots still makes your feet sweat, then replace your socks with good quality absorbent ones. Socks should be made up of material that absorbs sweat and dries it. Do not use cotton socks at all.

Good quality socks that can eliminate sweat are made of polyester, Coolmax, Olefin, and merino wool. Thin socks are usually chosen in the summer to keep the feet light and provide them aeration.

One of the most important things I want to tell you about socks is, always keep them in the open environment after returning from work so that you can get rid of the stench of sweat inside them, and the next time when you wear them this will be very refreshing for you.

Dry the feet before wearing the boots

Most of the time, after washing their feet people wear boots with wet feet. Due to a sudden change in temperature, their feet start sweating. Not only this, wearing boots with wet feet cause odor. Therefore, it is important to always dry the feet with a clean cloth before wearing the boots and then wear the boots with socks.

Try different insoles

Poor insoles can also be a cause of sweating. There are high-quality insoles in the market and you can test good ones. Usually, insoles made with natural materials are preferred such as bamboo, charcoal, etc.

Feet powder

A good way to dry your feet is to apply feet powder on your feet before wearing boots. But remember that this powder should have fungicide and bactericides properties to keep your feet dry and protect them from infections as well.

Use of Summer sole

All people who sweat a lot in summer are advised to use summer soles to avoid this problem. Its main feature is that it has an oily fragrance which removes sweat and bad smells and refreshes the feet. It has no side effects and is widely used to protect the feet.

Dry the boots after work

Immediately after returning from work, place the boots in a well-ventilated place to allow them to dry completely. You can also use a boot dryer to dry them. It dries out the sweat in your boots quickly. Also, make sure that you keep your boots in the sunshine for a few moments at least once a week.

As well as eliminating sweat and odors from the boots, it also plays an important role in preventing the growth of bacteria and fungi.

Use of Antiperspirant spray

The use of antiperspirant spray also plays an important role in preventing sweating. You can also use it during the day. Antiperspirant is sprayed before wearing socks and boots. It prevents sweating and foot odor but it should not be used with powder.

The use of antiperspirant is not as beneficial as the powder. There are many types of antiperspirant sprays available on the market. You can choose the best one that suits you and does not cause any allergic reaction.

Using foot deodorant

Foot deodorant can be used to prevent sweating on the feet. To do this, wash your feet with clean water and then wipe them off with a dry towel. Then spray deodorant on the inside of the boots and wear the work boots with socks. It will keep your feet dry from sweat and also protect them from bad smells. That way you can have a good day.

There are many good deodorant sprays available in the market but you can also make them yourself using corn starch naturally. Or if you keep your feet in baking soda solution for 25 minutes then it will also work as a deodorant for you.

Invest your time in cleaning the boots

If you have tried different techniques but still can’t get rid of the sweat then washing and cleaning the work boots is the best option for you. No need to worry that water will damage your boots as most work boots are good. They are made of quality leather.

Washing the boots will open the ventilation holes in them which are closed with soil. After washing, leave the boot to dry in the sun. If you use them after that, it looks like you are using new boots now.


All of the above methods will be very helpful to protect your feet from sweat. But some people sweat profusely. They should increase water consumption. This will balance the concentration of water and salts in the body and reduce sweating.

There is no need to worry about sweating and foot odor. You can benefit greatly by following these precautions. We hope you find this article very useful.

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