How To Care For Leather Work Boots- Work Boots Guide

A leather-based work boot is much more than just footwear. These work boots need to be taken good care of and cleaned up regularly to last longer. Leather boots do require some maintenance, so make sure that you clean them at least two times a week. Also, keep them in dry condition and let them dry thoroughly after washing.

4 Easy Ways To Care For Your Leather Work Boots

Dry Cleaning

Cleaning leather boots with water alone isn’t going to be enough. You need to use a suitable cleaning agent. Make sure you don’t overdo it, as leather has natural oils that could stain the boot’s leather surface.

Some Work Boots might even get water-resistant with time if not washed frequently. So, to avoid this, clean your boots well. Use a soft brush or a dry cloth and gently clean the boots using the cleaning agent.


If your boots look dirty, it is time to wash them up. Don’t do it by hand because the natural oils in the boot’s leather surface will stain and only look worse. Get a boot cleaner, mix one part of mild liquid soap with four parts of warm water, and use it to clean your boots.

Let the mixture soak inside the boot for about 10 minutes before rinsing it thoroughly. Dry the Work Boots as soon as they are dehydrated. This is not the time to let the boots air dry.

Soak Your Boots

Leather boots are usually heavy and reasonably waterproof. Thus, you should let them dry out thoroughly before you put them on to wear them. You can soak them in water or buy a waterproofing spray.

However, ensure you are using the correct type of cleaner for leather since many leather products are treated with water repellents. Make sure that the boots don’t get wet before wearing them. Once you remove them from the bucket, you should dry them by patting them dry. This will remove the excess water.

Storing Your Boots

Your leather boots can last a long time but must be stored properly. You can store your Work Boots in the same way you store your other leather products. Keep them away from dust and heat. In the case of winter, place the boots in a box that you can seal up. Store the box in a cool and dry place.

Make sure that the box is free from any dirt. Don’t wear them out even if they are not worn at all. The leather becomes softer and softer as it gets old.

Leather Work Boot Cleaner Ingredients

To clean your leather work boots, you will need a suitable product. Leather Cleaners are easy to use and should be available at most hardware stores. You can find several different brands and types of leather cleaners on the market today, but some tend to be more effective than others.

They are often advertised as containing certain ingredients that remove dirt and other materials. These ingredients are included in a range of products. The best way to tell which is best for you is to do your research.

Some companies make their own leather cleaner recipes, while others purchase their cleaner from a chemical company. Some are more concentrated than others, which will be indicated on the container.

Leather work boot cleaners will contain a combination of soap, water, and other materials that will be formulated to work effectively on the leather in your footwear. You will need to try several different products to see which works best for your needs.

Your main concern is to remove the dirt from the soles and tops of your footwear. The leather cleaner will clean, soften and deodorize your shoes. You will want to use the right amount of cleaner, and you will need to test it out in an inconspicuous area on your footwear.


Keeping leather work boots in good condition will make them last longer. Avoid washing the leather as it might ruin its quality. Always condition the leather and use the right products to keep the leather in good shape. We hope this information was helpful for you to clean your leather work boots properly. 

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How do you clean and maintain leather work boots?

Leather work boots should be cleaned regularly to maintain their appearance and prolong their life. It’s important to note that you should never wear leather work boots in any harsh environment. Leather work boots are meant to be worn only in a clean, dry climate and when you’ve just completed a long project.

When should I oil my boots?

You should oil your boots whenever they become dry or dirty. This will improve the grip and reduce the slipping potential. In the winter, however, you should use the oil only if the ground is wet and slippery, preferably before you step out of the house. Otherwise, it won’t do any good.

How do I care for my new leather boots?

Leather Work Boots and boots are treated differently. While most boot and boot cleaners use acidic agents and chemicals to clean your leather Work Boots, you can take a safer route using a vinegar solution. To make cleaning easier, you can prep the boots or Work Boots with a vinegar wash before applying the cleaner. For leather boots, a boot polish cleaner is also a safe option for simple and easy cleaning.

Is Vaseline suitable for leather boots?

This really depends. Vaseline is an excellent lubricant for all kinds of leather, but depending on your boot, it may dry up too quickly or stick to your Work Boots. It will work well for most types of boots, including boots that have a rubber sole.

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