Best Logger Boots For Protection And Comfort 2022

If you are involved in the logging industry or do such hard work then you need to wear a logging boot to protect your feet. In such outdoor activities, you go with complete safety work boots that are responsible for the protection of your feet and ankles.

But the use of ordinary boots in such heavy work is not without some danger. So, logging-specific boots should be used in such activities. As we know logging is not an easy task. It involves rough, rocky, and difficult paths. And the place to work is either a dense forest or trees in difficult places around the mountains.

It is difficult to walk with ordinary boots on these paths. By keeping in mind, the need for loggers, many brands have introduced logger boots that are not only used in logging but can also be used in many heavy and difficult tasks such as construction, and factories. A logger boot must have all the features necessary to protect it.

Editor Choice Insulated Logger Boot

Best logger boots


  • Sole Material: Rubber
  • Height: 8 Inches
  • Weight: 6.1 pounds
  • Safety Standard: ANSI Approved

Loggers are associated with heavy loads of thick wood and the machinery used to cut them. Therefore, the boots should be so strong, durable, and hard that if anything falls on them, they will protect the feet as well as themselves. Steel or composite toe boots provide great protection to the feet of loggers.

Composite toe boots decrease the overall weight of the boots and it’s become easy for the logger to walk with help of boots on an uneven, rocky, and marshy path to reach their destination.
If the loggers do not pay proper attention to the boot, it may slip or fall any heavy object on the foot and cause an accident.

Unfortunately, when a logger goes to pick a boot for his or her job, they see boots of many brands. It is difficult for them to choose the best pair of these boots. They have no idea which Boots have all the features they need.

So, because of the buyers, I have chosen five comfortable, strong, and luxurious logging boots. These boots are described in full detail. So, loggers who had difficulty finding a standard boot for themselves can now easily choose one of these five boots.

Best Logger Boots For Men & Women

Best logger boots

georgia logger Boot

  • Goodyear Construction
  • Full-grain leather
  • Abrasion outsole
  • Waterproof
best logger boots

Ad Tec 9in Logger boot

  • Cheap boots
  • Full-grain leather
  • Excellent cushioning
  • Oil-prevention lug sole
best logger boots

Ad Tec Men’s logger boot

  • Cushioned insole
  • Oil resistant outsole
  • Goodyear Construction
  • Steel toe

1. Georgia Boot Men’s Safety Toe Logger Boots


  • Electrical hazards rated
  • Moisture-wicking liner
  • Highly Durable

Georgia logger boots are very durable and long-lasting. These boots have all the features that a logger boot should have. These boots are made of fine and strong material.

The heel of the boot is specially made for logging which gives strong support during work. These boots are made according to the method of Goodyear welt construction.

That is why the boots are very durable. The outsole of the boots is made of pure leather which makes these boots quite waterproof. The boot’s insole plays an important role in providing comfort to the feet.

When you take Georgia boots then you no longer have to worry about protecting your feet. Georgia boots Loggers ensure complete feet protection. These boots have a great deal of electrical resistance, so they can be used in factory work, electrical work, etc. This boot is the best logger boot in the world because of its safety.

The steel-toe work boots protect the feet from falling on any heavy object. No matter how much weight falls on the boots, it does not injure the feet at all. These steel toes are according to the ASTM F2413 standard.

Boots provide a strong grip on the feet when walking in rocky places and forests, which makes the chances of falling very low. These boots make your feet ventilated and remove sweat. There is also a moisture-wicking liner on the top of the boots which dries out the sweat and keeps the feet dry.

If you come in contact with a wet place like mud, water, etc. while working, you need not worry because their waterproof feature not only protects themselves but also provides complete protection to the feet. So as a logger you can easily do all your work by wearing these boots.

Reasons to Buy

  • Waterproof
  • Can ventilate the feet
  • Full-grain leather
  • Steel toe and waterproof which increase protection

Reasons to Avoid

  • Take some days to break in
  • The arch support feature is not so good it should be improved

Customer Reviews

These boots have1,855 global ratings and 594 global reviews on Amazon at the time of writing. The Average Rating is 4.5 out of 5 stars. More than 74% of buyers gave 5 stars out of 5. People gave positive reviews overall.
Most buyers reviewed positively the durability of these boots.

These provide great comfort and keep the feet warm even in full cold conditions. Some buyers have an issue with the size of the boots but this issue can be easily solved by choosing a pair of boots with the right size.

2. Ad Tec 9in Logger Crazy Leather Work Boots for Men


  • Very comfortable
  • Easy to wash
  • Need less maintenance

Ad Tec 9in logger boot has a hard outer sole which is made to have a strong grip on the earth. These are oil resistance and water resistance. And as we know loggers are afraid to fall from any slippery place while working.

These logger boots have oil-prevention lug sole that prevents them from falling. You don’t have to worry about oil residue under your feet which can cause you to slip while working.
So, get all the satisfaction because you are going to be exposed to boots that will protect you from all kinds of slippery substances.

These best men’s logger boots are not completely waterproof but they have oil-resistant which prevents any moisture from being absorbed inside. Therefore, these boots are quite resistant to water. The boots have no lightning protection feature So if you want to work as an electrician, you should look for some good boots that are rated for electrical hazards.

The outer layer of the shoe looks shiny which adds to its beauty. There is also a 1-inch heel of the boots which plays an important role in providing grip. The boots are made entirely of leather but with no liner. So, it reduces the chances of sweating. They have cushioned insole which provides comfort to feet to great extent.

They have great traction which plays an important role to provide comfort to feet and warm them. But the boots have no reinforced toe so it does not protect against impacts and compressions.

The main feature of the Ad Tech 9 boots is that they are made with the Goodyear Welt Construction method which is proof of the durability of the boots. As a logger, if you want to get good quality boots at a low price then you should prefer Ad Tec 9in boots.

Reasons to Buy

  • Excellent cushioning
  • Their insole can be replaced
  • Goodyear Welt Construction
  • Cheap boots

Reasons to Avoid

  • Not a premium quality leather
  • They have no speed hooks

Customer Reviews

Ad Tec 9in boots has 1,924 global ratings and 686 global reviews on Amazon at the time of buyers giving an average of 4.2 out of 5 stars. More than 62% of people gave a 5 out of 5 stars rating.

This means the average rating is positive overall. Most buyers are happy they have the best boots in their hands at a cheap price. But some of them are unhappy due to their narrow tongue. If this feature will be updated then its sales can be increased to a great extent.

3. Ad Tec 9″Logger Boots Crazy Horse Leather Soft Toe


  • Goodyear Welt Construction
  • Safety toe
  • Rubber outsole

Nowadays women are working as much as men, they also need protective clothing and boots to protect themselves. Ad Tec 9 safety toe Is considered one of the best logger boots made in the USA which are considered to be the best boots in terms of their material and texture. The boots are made from full-grain oil leather.

This leather is very expensive and durable due to which these boots last for a long time. The Boot’s shaft is 8 inches long which protects the ankles from mud, dirt, and dust. The most striking feature of the boots is that they are made with the Goodyear Welt Construction method which further enhances their durability of the boots.

These boots contain an oil-resistant lug sole which helps you to walk freely on any greasy or slippery surface without any hazards. Boot cushion insole plays an important role in providing comfort to the feet. It seems that a sixth pillow is placed under the feet.

Due to this feature, you can stand for hours and work. Your feet are refreshed all the time with no fatigue. In addition, the steel toe shank of the boots further enhances their durability. These boots are widely used in the logging industry.

Wearing boots, you can easily run and walk in difficult houses because no matter how much pressure is put on the boots, they do not come down automatically until they are taken off.

Ad tech 9 boots Can be used by women in many difficult outdoor tasks like logging. The heel of the shoe is 1.5 inches which gives excellent grip to the feet. Boats are not waterproof but they are water-resistant and oil resistant which is why boats are considered popular.

You can use these boots in cold weather and also in summer. In cold weather, they keep your feet warm and in hot weather, their grain leather sole also acts as ventilation.

Reasons to Buy

  • 100% Crazy Horse leather
  • Good arch support
  • Strong grip
  • Attractive design for women

Reasons to Avoid

  • No padded collar
  • No pull tabs

Customer Reviews

Ad Tec 9 women’s boots have 861 global ratings and 329 global reviews on Amazon at the time of writing. Buyers gave a 4.4 out of 5 stars rating. More than 70 % of people gave a 5 out of 5 stars rating.

This shows a positive rating overall. Buyers are very happy with the style of the boots. According to R.H, these boots have a Midwestern badass chick look.
Some buyers have a complaint that these are not steel-toe boots so this feature should be updated. These boots are liked by the buyers overall.

4. Irish SetterMen’s Best Steel Toe Logger Work Boot


  • 100% grain leather
  • Comfort tongue
  • Removable EVA footbed

Irish setter Is a well-known brand whose products are sold all over the world. It specializes in creating traditional and brand-new designs. Irish setter Mesabi 83834 is one of the best-selling logger boots. Its popularity is due to its features.

These boots are made of full-grain leather which these boots last for two, or three years and their color shine, etc. remains the same as before. The boot is made with the Goodyear welt construction method.

This increases the durability of the boots and they play an important role in providing flexibility to the boots. The outer layer of the leather of the boots provides ultradry waterproofing. Tricot lining makes boots breathable which provides the feet dry environment.

In addition, padded collars and tongues provide more comfort to the feet. The steel toe feature makes Irish setter Mesabi boots more secure for the feet. If something suddenly falls on the boots during work, the boots can protect the feet from it.

The thick and long heel of the boots provides grip on uneven and slippery places. These logger boots have a removable EVA footbed which makes them comfortable for the feet. Mesabi boots are also Electrical hazards rated and they meet the ASTM standard.

Therefore, wearing these boots makes it easier to cut down the trees in the power lines. But I will not recommend these boots for electricians. You can choose one of the boots from my other article Best work Boots for Electricians.
The insole of this logger boot is made with Vibram technology.

It does not feel any fatigue even after wearing the boots for a long time. These Mesabi boots are heat resistant and can withstand a lot of temperatures due to which they can be worn and run-on hot surfaces easily. Therefore, they are identified with HRO.

Reasons to Buy

  • Goodyear Welt Construction
  • Electrical hazards rated
  • Steel-toe safety
  • Meet ASTM standard

Reasons to Avoid

  • Have less arch support
  • Some buyers are complaining about the size of the boot.

Customer Reviews 

These Mesabi boots have 919 global ratings and 164 global reviews on Amazon at the time of writing. Buyers gave a 4.4 out of 5 stars rating. More than 71% of people gave a 5 out of 5 stars rating.

So, most people gave positive reviews. People gave positive reviews about the comfortability of these boots and their good-looking style. Some of the buyers are reviewing that these boots are just fit to narrow feet people.

5. Ad Tec Men’s Rugged Construction Logger Boot


  • Oil-proof lug sole
  • Cheaper
  • Steel toe

Ad tec Rugged boots Made from premium full-grain crazy horse saddle leather. The Goodyear welt construction method has been used to make the boots which increases the durability of the boots and protects them from sudden accidents. This is the best cheap and quality logger boot.

Their steel toe feature makes the feet secure. The insole of the boot is padded so it gives the best cushion and support.

Even if you do work all day wearing it, your feet do not feel tired at all. It eliminates the extra pressure on the ankles and heel and provides a comfortable environment for the feet at all times. These boots are not as ventilated as the other mesh fiber but are as ventilated for the feet as they need to be.
The boots are quite good in terms of price.

If you want to get good logger boots at a low price then this boot will be the best choice for you. Ad tec Rugged utility boots have oil-resistant lug soles. Due to this feature, these boots can be easily removed from slippery areas such as oily surfaces, mud, rain-fed lands, and water bodies.

These loggers’ boots are not only used for logging but also for other outdoor activities like hiking, trails, etc. The outer layer of the boots is shock resistant and can withstand a great deal of current.
Ad tec Rugged boots are Not the safest of these boots, but we can say that they are the cheapest safe logger boots that even an ordinary logger can easily buy.

This booty doesn’t take much time its maintenance. But if you want your boots to last longer, keep them clean after work and apply a little conditioner to keep them shiny.

Reasons to Buy

  • Cushioned insole
  • Easy to clean and maintenance
  • Shock-resistant outer layer
  • Goodyear Welt Construction

Reasons to Avoid

  • Their ventilation should be improved
  • Cannot be used in full cold weather

Customer Reviews

These boots have 1,820 global ratings and 658 global reviews on Amazon at the time of writing. Buyers gave an average 4 out of 5 Star rating. About 58% of buyers gave a 5 out of 5 stars rating. So, the rating is positive overall.

Buyers showed much love for the design and comfortability of these boots. They are very happy. They are buying boots with good quality and durability but at half price. Some of the buyers are complaining about the durability of the boots but most people have positive reviews about them.

How To Maintain Your Logger Boots?

Maintenance of your logger boots is an important part to keep the boots durable. No customer should complain about logger boots until they have taken full care of them. There are some instructions for boots maintenance which are given below.

  • Always keep boots in a well-ventilated place when you are not working.
  • When the boots get old, clean them using conditioning oil.
  • Be sure to clean the boots with a brush or cloth.
  • For a few days after buying logger boots, do not use them during heavy work.
  • Always use the boots only after breaking in logging and other heavy tasks like this.
  • Before wearing the boots, make sure that the boots are waterproof or not. If the boots are not waterproof, then you can make them waterproof by applying waterproofing wax to them.
  • If you are carrying good price imported logger boots then you should also get a clean kit so that you can clean the boots on daily basis.
  • Make sure you do not use the cleaning agent on the boots with the brush you are using to clean the mud.

Best Logger’s boots buyer’s guide 2022

When a buyer starts buying boots, various questions arise in his mind.

  • Will these boots be durable or not?
  • Ensure complete protection of feet and ankles.
  • No buyer can buy a good quality shoe without knowing what features the boots should have.
  • So, because of the difficulty of the buyers, here are some features that must be in the logger boots.


Every worker wants to get a lightweight and comfortable work boot. The logging industry is very difficult to work with and the logger faces a lot of difficulties while working. If the boot does not support them well then it becomes difficult for them to work. Be a source of comfort to you.

Always wear boots that are made of soft premium leather and have cushioning insole. The shoe outsole should be shock-absorbing.
Arch support is an important feature that can relax the feet. Its job is to protect your feet and ankles from pain. The boots should have cushioned midsole and they should be shock absorbing.


Before buying logger boots, you need to know whether the boots are durable or not. Anyone who buys expensive boots always wants his boots to be made of durable leather and fabric that can last a long time. So, while buying boots make sure these are according to ASTM or not.

Don’t assume that only leather boots are durable. Both leather and rubber are considered the best for different environments. When you are facing a humid environment, you should prefer rubber boots for logging.


When you work in the logging industry, you are exposed to thorny bushes, trees, and heavy machinery that cut them. Her boots have an important role to protect your feet and the logger’s boots are specially made for this.

But you can’t find out which boots are the best. Some features that are necessary for the logger boots are here. Make sure the boots have a steel toe or safety toes.

The boots should meet ASTM standards. The sole should be equipped with a steel shank, and fiberglass. Boots are made of a material that does not pose a risk of puncture or abrasion.

When buying boots, make sure that they are electrical resistant or not. So that if you come across electrical wires while working, you do not need to change the boots.
In the given list I have selected for you the boots have all the safety features that should be in the logger boots.


As a logger, you have to work outdoors. And in the meanwhile, you have to face all kinds of weather. You have to go through water and muddy roads. The boots need to be waterproof. Full-grain leather should be used while manufacturing the boots

It makes the boots waterproof to a great extent. Before buying boots, make sure that the upper and lower soles of the boot are properly connected. If this is not the case, return the boots immediately. The waterproofing of boots is an important feature of them. If not, water not only shortens the life of boots but also damages the feet and causes blisters and wounds.


As you know there are innumerable different brands of boots on the market and each boot has its salient features. And if it is hard for you to choose the best boots, you can read different articles and get help from them. In this way, you will be able to choose the best logger boots.
We hope you will find this article helpful and that after reading it you will be able to choose the best logger boots.


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